Service "Group bookings"

The service is intended to issue a ticket for groups of 10 people with individual consideration fare for the client.


  1. Enter the system
    1. Registration
    2. Authorization
  2. Orders
    1. Create order
    2. Discussion of the order
    3. Instruction for the order
  3. History
  4. Profile
  5. Abbreviations

1. Enter the system

For logon group bookings need to register. After registration you can log in from the login page.

1.1 Registration:

Registration button available at

On the registration page, enter your customer data.

After entering data and pressing the button "Registration", to Your specified e-mail will be sent an email with a link to activate the user. Please follow the link given in this letter. Next page opens, informing You about successful registration.

1.2 Authorization:

To login, enter the data specified during registration in the login form and click
Log in

2. Orders

In section displays a list of your orders. You can sort the list of orders using a filter set on the list.

2.1 Create order:

Button to create a new order New order

When you go to create a new order, the client is invited fill in the form of a new order.

Segments directions are added and removed using links:

  • Reverse direction - a new segment with reverse route
  • Add direction - a new empty segment
  • Remove the direction - to remove the last segment

The direction consists of the following fields:

  • flight number (optional)
  • direction
  • departure
  • fields for specifying the number of seats (economy and business)

Adjacent directions should be joined - the city of arrival directions of N must coincide with the city of departure directions N+1.

To complete the order and save, you should click on Save.
A message appears, informing you that the order was successfully created and assigned a specific number, then the Manager of our company will be notified of the creation of a new order, in the near future will generate for You suggestions and conditions of the group rate.

2.2 Discussion of the order:

Each order can be opened for discussion with the managers of the company sales by link Открыть.
Opening order, the user is able to create comments in the discussion of the order. For this is the form of creating comments.

The form contains three controls:

  • a text input field comment
  • checkbox add attachments - displays a field to add an attachment
  • field to add file - allows you to attach the attachment, the maximum file size is 50Mb

During the discussion of the order managers change the order status, make offers for the order. News discussion order is duplicated on e-mail, specified during registration.

Discussion of the order is completed by assigning the order status - issued, deleted, rejected, and the order is placed in the history section.

As soon as the Manager will form a proposal, You will be notified by e-mail. As well as all information will be provided directly to the order on the website of group transportation.

If you are satisfied with the terms and tariff offered by a manager, you must notify him about it by comment. If something in a offer you do not like, you can offer constructive change.

2.3 Instruction for the order:

When both parties come to an agreement, the Manager will generate an instruction for registration of a group of passengers at a special group fare. This instruction will be available for download on the order page, and sent by e-mail.

The final order has the following form:

3. History

In the history section are stored orders, which was assigned to one of the statuses is issued, deleted, rejected.

The user can view previously made orders by link Open.

If the order was placed in history by mistake or the client changed his mind, it is possible to restore the order history link Restore.

4. Profile

Allows the user to change the personal information entered during the registration, change password. To confirm the changes click

5. Abbreviations

Group directions:

  • ВВЛ - domestic
  • СНГ - in the CIS countries
  • МВЛ - international