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Service "Group bookings"

The service is intended to issue a ticket for groups of 10 people with individual consideration fare for the client.

Work scheme:

face assignment Registration, logon
placeplace assignment_turned_in Order creation
live_help chat Discussion of the fare
group flight_takeoff Tickets by the individual fare


  1. Enter the system
    1. Registration
    2. Authorization
  2. Orders
    1. Create order
    2. Client`s work with order
  3. History
  4. Profile
  5. Abbreviations

1. Enter the system

For logon group bookings you need to register. After registration you can log in from the login page.

1.1 Registration:

Press "Registration" button, enter your credentials in the registration form and press "Registrate".
To your email will be sent message with link for user activation.
Follow the link in this email, then you will see a page of successful registration.

1.2 Authorization:

Enter the data specified during registration in the login form and click "Log in"

2. Orders

This section shows a list of orders made by you. You can sort the list of orders with the set filter above the list.

2.1 Create an order:

To create a new order, press "New order".

Order creation form consists of the following fields:
  • Direction
  • Departure date
  • Время вылета
  • Fields for specifying the number of seats(economy and business)
  • Flight number(optional)
The direction segments can be added or deleted with the following links:
  • Reverse direction - a new segment with reverse route
  • Add direction - a new empty segment
  • Remove the direction - a new empty segment

To complete order you must click on the button "Save".
Our managers in the near future will create for you the group fare.
Order review period: during the working day from 08:00 to 17:00 Yekaterinburg UTC+5, orders created after 17:00 will be considered the next day.

2.2 Client`s work with order:

To discuss the conditions of your order with the sales staff, click the link "Open".

Steps of working with order:
  1. Discuss conditions of your order - You can add a comment at the bottom of page.
  2. Confirm the suggested fares - Managers will suggest fares to you during the discussion. Push "Confirm conditions" if you want to confirm them.
  3. Provide the payer details - Managers will send you request for payer details. You will find a form to provide them at the opened order. Fill it and send payer details for validation.
  4. Confirm a contract - You will need a contract to continue working with order. Managers will generate a file with contract terms. Confirm it if you are satisfied with the terms.
  5. Pay for the bill - Pay for received bill.
  6. Send managers the necessary data - Provide the necessary data which managers will request.

Discussion progress is duplicated by email, which was specified during the registration.

Discussion will end if order is assigned the status issued, refused or deleted. Then you can find the order in history section.

3. History

Orders that have been assigned one of the statuses - issued, deleted, rejected store in the history section.

You can view earlier orders using a link "Open" or restore an order from history with links to "Recover".

4. Profile

Allows the user to change personal information you provided during registration, change the password. To confirm the changes, click on "Save".

5. Abbreviations

Directions groups:
  • ВВЛ - domestic
  • СНГ - in the CIS countries
  • МВЛ - international